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Runco Adds Logos To Projector Customization

Beaverton, Ore. –
Runco announced a program in which its LightStyle projectors can be customized
with various artwork and licensed logos.

The Runco
FinishPalette is part of the company’s Design by Runco initiative. Logo options
for more than 70 of the top NCAA organizations — as well as exact PMS color
matching for any college or pro-sports teams, including pro football, hockey, baseball,
soccer and basketball — are available.

 The Artist series includes Asian-inspired
designs, the company said, including “Chinese characters, French-country shabby
chic, whimsical floral patterns and inspired architectural motifs … each design
can also be in custom colors of the owner’s choosing, using the Runco signature
color palette or any PMS color.”

Pricing wasn’t
given, but the program is available through authorized Runco dealers.