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RTX Offers New Skype Phones

Hannonver, Germany. — Telecommunications manufacturer RTX introduced its second-generation Skype DUALphone cordless phone as well as new “PBX-like” functionalities for its existing DUALphone 3088 model, at the CeBIT show, held here last week.

The new DUALphone 3058 combines a PSTN line with Skype calling through a PC’s USB connection.

The DECT-based unit features wideband audio, speakerphone, a color display and support for Microsoft Vista. It will be available through Skype’s online store in April.

The DUALphone 3088 is another combination PSTN/Skype model that supports up to four handsets. The phone connects directly to a broadband modem or router for placing Skype calls without a PC turned on.

The four handsets can conduct two calls simultaneously (incoming or outgoing) — one over a landline, the other over Skype. It features distinctive ring tones to differentiate incoming Skype or landline calls.

The 3088 also features attendant call transfer and can conference and/or transfer Skype and landline calls.

The 3088 with PBX-like features will ship in the first week of April through Skype’s store for roughly $80. Existing 3088 owners can update their phone’s firmware to obtain the new features.