Roxio: Consumers Ready For Home-Based 3D TV

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Santa Clara, Calif. - Significant consumer interest exists for home-based 3D entertainment ranging from movies to home videos and photos according to the results of a new Web-based survey compiled for Sonic Solution's Roxio Division.

The informal Roxio 3D survey was conducted in March 2010 and collected responses from almost 2,000 Roxio software users residing in the U.S.

Of those polled, 84 percent indicated they are interested in viewing Hollywood 3D movies in the home, while almost 80 percent believe they will be taking 3D video or capturing 3D photos of family events within the next five years,



"The results of the Web survey reaffirm our conviction that the dramatic impact 3D is having on the big screen will translate to the small screen and reshape how consumers interact with personal media and premium entertainment in the home," stated Mark Ely, Sonic Solutions strategy executive VP. "We look forward to the year ahead and using our complete Hollywood-to-Home 3D products, services and technologies to help fuel the market for home 3D."


Roxio 3D survey

revealed some of the award-winning movies, popular TV shows and key sporting events that consumers would be most interested in viewing in 3D.

From a list of sporting events that included the Super Bowl, NBA Finals and the World Series, the Olympics ranked as consumers' top pick to see in 3D, the survey said.

In personal video entertainment, the survey found that the almost 80 percent who said they believe they will be taking 3D video or capturing 3D photos within the next five years, 75 percent indicated they would be interested in converting some of their existing 2D personal videos into 3D content.


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