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Rovi Unveils UltraViolet CFF Encoder

Las Vegas – Rovi introduced at the NAB Show Monday its Rovi TotalCode
Enterprise 2.0 scalable, server-distributed encoding solution that will be
among the first commercially available production solutions supporting the
downloadable UltraViolet Common File Format (CFF).


Enterprise 2.0

is offered to broadcasters and content products to streamline
the preparation of video entertainment for digital distribution channels
including broadcast and over-the-top storefronts, Rovi said.

UltraViolet is a multi-studio Cloud-based content-locker system operated
by the Hollywood studio-backed Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE).
It gives consumers the ability to purchase a movie for playback on multiple
devices, anytime, anywhere.

Currently, UltraViolet offers only streaming playback support of
authenticated videos, but the DECE has been working on a system to enable
downloads for playback on smartphone and tablet PCs that are offline.

TotalCode Enterprise 2.0 will support a variety of advanced
formats in addition to UltraViolet CFF, such as Rovi’s DivX Plus Streaming

TotalCode is also expected to offer an automated QC workflow that
enables segment re-encoding, or the fine tuning of specific areas without
re-encoding an entire title, via a project handover to TotalCode Professional.

Scheduled to release in June, TotalCode Enterprise 2.0 will be
part of an upgrade to Rovi’s TotalCode line of content-production solutions
that also includes the TotalCode Studio desktop encoding solution and TotalCode
Professional, which adds QC and parameter controls for segment re-encoding.