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Rovi, Sony Sign Connected Ad Deal

Santa Clara, Calif. —


Monday that it has reached an agreement with


to sell and deliver ads via connected Bravia TVs in the U.S.
through the Rovi Advertising Service, which is part of Rovi Cloud Services.

Rovi said the partnership broadens the reach of the recently
launched Rovi Smart TV Field Trial, which is an initiative that was created to
explore new and emerging advertising opportunities on connected devices.

The announcement also broadens the reach beyond the more than 30
million homes that Rovi Advertising Network reaches today, the company said.

Rovi Smart TV advertising provides the ability for advertisers to
increase awareness of their products and services by creatively engaging
consumers in an environment where they can interact with content and

“Smart TV advertising takes consumers beyond sitting and viewing
advertising on a TV screen to actively choosing to learn more about products
and services that the consumer is interested in,” stated Jeff Siegel, Rovi
advertising senior VP. “With the addition of Sony Bravia TV to our Advertising
Network, we are working with Sony to offer advertisers more creative
capabilities to connect with the consumer.”

Rovi Advertising Service enables consumer electronics
manufacturers to use connected advertizing to monetize their offerings and
create recurring revenue streams.