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Rovi Offers Car Media Network Platform

Santa Clara,
Calif. – Rovi announced it is extending its
Connected Media platform from the home to the car, allowing a car device to
network with a home device to exchange music, movies, and other media.

Rovi is providing a middleware software platform for exchanging
media between Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) certified devices, such as
a PC and a car A/V-radio. The DLNA standard is supported by more than 245
companies and thousands of products.

Rovi is in talks with various aftermarket companies and car
companies to offer a system that would allow car devices with a Wi-Fi
connection to be recognized by a DLNA device to transmit one’s music or video
library to one’s car, it said.

Rovi also provides a metadata system for labeling CDs, DVDs and
other media with song, artist, title and other data and said that Kenwood will
use this data, according to Corey Ferengul, Rovi marketing executive VP.  But Kenwood has not signed up with Rovi’s new
Connected Media platform, announced this week.

Rovi was formerly Macrovision, which changed
its name
this summer when the company expanded into creating content
platforms allowing consumer electronics to communicate.

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