Rovi Launches Interactive Cable Solutions


Santa Clara, Calif. -


said Monday that it is offering cable television service providers the ability to deploy interactive television services through the integration of Enhanced Television (ETV)/ Enhanced Binary Interchange Format (EBIF) applications and widgets on Rovi Passport Guide and i-Guide.

Rovi and its collaborators are  launching a standards-based ETV/EBIF Solution comprised of an EBIF User Agent and ETV Platform Server for  the integration of third-party applications with the guide, and a starter kit of applications from


, including Yellow Pages on TV, eBay on TV, news, weather, sports and finance.

Rovi said Blue Ridge Communications, a service provider based in Pennsylvania, has licensed and deployed the ETV/EBIF Solution and the TV Widgets on Rovi Passport Guide to its subscriber base.

"The enhanced television solutions from Rovi and FourthWall broaden our services and give us new interactive capabilities to offer our customers," stated Mark Masenheimer, Blue Ridge Communciations operations VP.

The ETV/EBIF Solution provides consumers with the ability to easily access interactive television services through simple widgets and applications, Rovi said.

"By combining this interactive capability with Rovi guide, we're offering service providers a way to complement the entertainment experience for their customers and extend their platform to include features such as advanced advertising, news information and programming-based applications," said Corey Ferengul, Rovi product management and marketing executive VP. "We look forward to working with service providers to continue to expand upon what they can offer their customers, starting with Blue Ridge Communications."

The ETV/EBIF Solution is available on the Passport Guide now and will be made available on i-Guide at a future date.  The ETV/EBIF Solution includes the TV Widget Application Launcher that makes it easy for users to access applications from the Rovi guide's Quick Menu.


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