Rockford Fosgate Upgrades Car DSP System

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Las Vegas -

Rockford Fosgate

has upgraded its automotive digital signal processor (DSP) system for OEM-system integration with the International CES launch of the 360.3 at a suggested $599.

The new model, due in May at the same price as its predecessor, is designed to upgrade OEM sound quality without removing the factory head unit. The device taps into the speaker-level outputs of a factory system.

Like before, the device lets installers independently adjust the time alignment, phase, level, crossover points, and equalization of each driver to compensate for the effects of a vehicle's interior on sound quality.

The new model, however, offers multiple improvements, thanks to a four-fold increase in processing power. The stepped-up processor, for example, makes it possible to use a microphone to automatically tune the system. The previous model required manual tuning.

Another enhancement is the addition of full 31-band parametric equalization, whereas the previous model offered fixed Q, center-point frequencies, and boost/cut levels. The new model also adds user-selectable sweet spots that can be switched to produce the best stereo imaging for different seating locations. The previous model featured one preset sweet spot.

The new model also raises the number of input/output channels to eight from six, adds an auxiliary iPod input, and adds a port for an optional stereo-Bluetooth dongle.

Other features include stereo analog input and optical S/PDIF input.


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