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Las Vegas - Rockford Fosgate will tote more than two dozen new car audio products to International CES, where it will launch coaxial speakers in new sizes to accommodate shallow mounting depths, introducing its first marine amplifiers, and showing its first "pro" speakers designed to be heard outside the car.

The brand will also serve up an expanded selection of low-current amps intended for motorcycles, very small cars, and hybrid cars.

Rockford Fosgate's

Here's what dealers will find at the Rockford Corp. display at the Palms Casino Resort.


The brand is launching three new models each in the Prime, Punch and Power speaker series, adding 6- and 6.75-inch models to complement 6.5-inch models to ensure each series offers coaxials with the proper mounting depths and mounting-hole patterns for a greater variety of cars.

"Over the years, many installs have become more burdensome because some car manufacturers, such as many Chevy truck and Honda models, have very shallow mounting areas for the factory speakers," said product development director Jake Braaten. "Now, with nine different sized speakers in the six-inch speaker category, we can virtually guarantee that we have a full range speaker for every budget and every application."

In each series, the three sizes are priced the same: $$59 MAP for Prime, $99 for Punch, and $149 for Power. They're shipping.

Punch P3 series subwoofers:

The series for shallow-install locations is adding an 8-inch model to complement 10- and 12-inch models, and all sport a new cosmetic design to look like other Punch series subs.

The new 8-inch model is the 150-watt RMS P3SD4-8 8-inch, available in 2-ohm and 4-ohm dual-voice-coil versions at $189 MAP. It's due in the second quarter.

The line also includes a 300-watt RMS 10-inch model and 400-watt RMS 12-inch model, both in 2- and 4-ohm dual voice coil versions.

Punch BRT low-current amps:

Two new models expand the selection to four amps, all lacking a traditional power supply to reduce their size for small vehicles and, for hybrid vehicles, reduce their current draw on the battery. Typical Class A/B amps draw 20 amperes of current, whereas these models draw 8 amperes, said Theresa Hephner, senior director of marketing and product development.

 The $269 PBR300X2 is rated at 2x100 watts RMS into 4 ohms, 2x150 watts into 2 ohms, and 1x300 watts into 4 ohms. Its chassis is 6.76 inches by 4.25 inches by 1.53 inches.

The $399 PBR500X1 mono amp is rated at 175 watts into 4 ohms, 300 watts into 2 ohms, and 500 watts into 1 ohm. Its chassis is 8.25 inches by 4.25 inches by 1.53 inches.

Prime amps:

The series, designed for first-time buyers and do-it-yourselfers, is adding its first two Class D amps to reduce chassis size. Two Class A/B amps in the series have also been downsized to fit under seats, said Hephner. All ship in the first quarter.

The Class D models are mono amps due in the first quarter. They are the $149 R250-1D and $229 R500-1D mono block amps. The former is rated at 125 watts into 4 ohms, 250 watts into 2 ohms, and 750 watts into 1 ohm. The latter delivers 250, 500 and 1200 watts, respectively, into 4-, 2-, and 1-ohm loads.

The Class A/B amps are the $99 two-channel R125-2 and $159 four-channel R250-4, both of which are bridgeable and stable into 2 ohms. The former is rated at 2x42.5 watts into 4 ohms, and the latter is rated at 4x40 watts into 4 ohms.

Marine audio:

To complements its marine speaker selection, Rockford is launching its first four marine amps, all Class D models shipping in the second quarter. The selection consists of two 4/2-channel models stable to 2 ohms at $449 and $299 and two 1-ohm stable mono amps at $399 and $499 and capable of delivering  750 watts and 1200 watts, respectively, into 1-ohm loads.

Marine speakers:

The marine-speaker selection gets its first purpose-built for installation on the wake towers of ski and wake-boarding boats. The speakers look almost light spotlights. A 6.5-inch 4-ohm 75-watt RMS model and an 8-inch 4-ohm 100-watt model ship in the second quarter at a suggested $599 and $699/pair, respectively.

Pro series speakers:

The speakers in the first Pro series of high-efficiency high-decibel speakers are designed to project sound over long distances with low distortion. The speakers consist of two midwoofers and an unspecified number of tweeters. They use technology from the professional audio market abd can be used with the brand's existing subwoofers.

The midwoofers are $89 100-watt 6-inch PPS4-6 and the $99 125-Watt RMS 8-inch PPS4-8.


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