RockFord Fosgate Adds Web Tool For Factory Upgrades

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Tempe, Ariz. - Rockford Fosgate has launched an online installation and sales tool that retailers can use to predict the improvement that various Rockford Fosgate amps and subwoofers will make to OEM car audio systems.


Rockford Amplified Tuned System (RATS)

installation and sales tool predicts the SPLs and frequency response of an OEM sound system when various Rockford components are added. The tool, which can be accessed via tablets on the sales floor, uses a database of tests made by Rockford Fosgate of a variety of amplifier and subwoofer installations in a variety of vehicles, the company said.

 RATS "takes the hard work out of system design," the company said. And it "will help both the retailer and customer determine which amplifier is best for the amount of money the customer wants to spend versus the performance they will gain," added Rockford's Mark Lowe. Retailers can also calculate the SPL difference between a sealed, vented and high-output enclosure.


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