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Ritz Interactive Ramps Up CE Biz

Irvine, Calif. — E-commerce retailer Ritz Interactive has increased its consumer electronics offering by adding over 70,000 new products in an effort to expand the digital imaging e-tailer’s online reach.

Ritz Interactive is an independent company that operates the Web sites for the photo specialty chain Ritz Camera Centers. It owns and operates several sites, including,, and

The addition of an expanded line of CE products is more evolution than revolution for the e-commerce site, said VP and CMO Andre Brysha. Ritz Interactive had always offered a selection of consumer electronics on its various sites and has been steadily expanding its assortment throughout the year, culminating in an accelerated ramp-up over the past ninety days, Brysha said. Today, the sites feature a dedicated tab for CE merchandize.

“We’ve always sold a selection of consumer electronics but with the growth of digital cameras and more and more consumer electronics sales occurring online, we felt it was the right strategy,” Brysha said.

New models include plasma TVs from LG, Phillips, Sony, Samsung and Panasonic, MP3 players from Apple, Archos and Creative Labs, computers from IBM and HP, and a selection of housewares and cellular phones.

“We will always be imaging focused, that’s our core business and that’s what our customers expect, but technology continues to converge,” Brysha observed. The company plans to continue to expand its CE lineup in 2007, he added.