RIM Rolls Out Cloud Music Service

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Waterloo, Ontario - Research In Motion (RIM) introduced BBM Music, a Cloud-based BlackBerry music service with social-networking capabilities.

BBM Music is designed to let users build an evolving, community-based music library that is shared with other BBM Music users. According to RIM, the size of the music library continues to grow as new friends join the community, and each user can select music from a catalog with millions of songs from Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and EMI.

The service is currently beta testing in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., and is slated to be available later this year for a $4.99/month subscription.

BBM Music users can build a personal music profile with 50 favorite songs to share with their friends, and then swap out up to 25 songs each month. They in turn have access to their friends' music, so the more friends a user has, the more music they can access. Access to a friend's song is for the full song, not just a preview, RIM noted.

Users can create multiple playlists, comment on friends' songs and playlists, shuffle an entire collection, and save music to smartphones for off-line listening.

Omnifone, a Cloud music service provider, is providing RIM with a back-end solution for the BBM Music service that provides content management, music hosting and reporting functions based on Omnifone's technology, RIM said. This will include compensation reporting for copyright holders.


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