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RIM To Reveal BlackBerry 10 Plans On Jan. 30

Waterloo, Ontario – Research In Motion will launch its BlackBerry 10 OS and first two BlackBerry 10 smartphones on Jan. 30, the company announced.

  Details of the long-awaited smartphones and their availability will be announced at simultaneous events around the work that day.

BlackBerry 10 smartphones have entered more than 50 carrier labs for network-compatibility testing, and more carriers are expected to begin testing in the coming weeks, the company added.

Some key features of BlackBerry 10 have been previously announced, including BlackBerry Flow and BlackBerry Hub. BlackBerry Flow is a user interface that enables “seamless navigation across open applications and the BlackBerry Hub, where all messages, notifications, feeds, and calendar events appear no matter what phone functions are being used. With one gesture, users can take a look at the Hub’s contents, the company said.

Another feature is BlackBerry Keyboard, which learns how a user writes and types to speed up writing and improve writing accuracy to emulate the ease of writing with a BlackBerry hard keyboard, the company said.

BlackBerry Balance keeps personal apps and information separate from work data so users can switch from a personal profile to work profile with a gesture, the company said. The work profile is encrypted and secure so enterprises can protect their content and applications, the company added.

 President/CEO Thorsten Heins said the phones’ features, “best-in-class browser” and “cutting-edge multimedia capabilities” will be “integrated into a user experience — the BlackBerry Flow — that is unlike any smartphone on the market today.”