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Revolv Bundles Compatible Products With Its Home-Automation Hub

Boulder, Colo. — Home-automation start-up Revolv is trying to make it easier for consumers to select products compatible with its $299 hub, which incorporates multiple wireless technologies to control home-automation products made by other companies.

The products can be controlled through the hub via an iOS app.

On its website, Revolv created four product packages consisting of its hub and such products as a Yale Z-Wave deadbolt, Honeywell Z-Wave thermostat, Nest thermostat, Insteon wireless motion sensor, Belkin and Insteon plug-in appliance-control modules, Philips Hue and Insteon LED light bulbs, and the Sonos Play:1 networked wireless speaker.

The bundles are fulfilled by Amazon.

Revolv sells its hub on its web site and through Amazon, the Smarthome catalog,, and Revolv is also testing sales through 72 Home Depot stores and Home Depot’s web site.

The four packages are priced at $414, $748, $773 and $1,231. They consist of a Smart Home Starter Kit, targeted to first-time home-automation buyers; a Security and Comfort Bundle, targeted to those who want peace of mind for themselves and their families; a Smart Renter Bundle; and a Premium Home Bundle, targeted to “those looking for the best DIY home automation has to offer,” the company said.

Revolv has also offered bundles through and “has been pretty successful as a way to curate a collection for consumers who are unsure what to buy,” said a spokesman.