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Retrevo Seeing Upside For 3D TV Sales

New York – The CE review and shopping site

is upbeat on 3D TV adoption,
despite consumer wariness over price and need.

Retrevo found in its latest Pulse Study that general awareness of
3D TV availability grew to 86 percent as of May. In January such awareness was
at 60 percent and it was just 39 percent the month before.

The study found that 35 percent of those planning to buy a TV
this year will buy a 3D TV.

However, when potential consumers were asked why they would not
buy a 3D TV 58 percent said it was too expensive, 43 percent said they did not
need one, 28 percent disliked the glasses and 20 percent cited a lack of

Despite these drawbacks, Retrevo is optimistic concerning 3D TV’s
success. The firm believes eventual lower prices and better marketing will
overcome the top two reasons for not making a 3D purchase.