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ReQuest Bows Multi-Room System/Server

ReQuest is launching its first multi-room audio system, which combines an HDD music server and multi-room audio system into a single box.

With the iQ Intelligent Media Server (IMS), consumers can view the server’s music menu on a ReQuest in-wall 3-inch color touchscreen controller, a 12-inch wired tabletop color touchscreen controller, and on a wireless handheld 7-inch touch screen.

IMS servers are available in three capacities, each bundled with a 16-channel multiroom amplifier that sends a speaker-level audio signal throughout the house. Consumers can also stream music from the server over an Ethernet network to PCs located elsewhere in the house. Music can also be streamed to Internet-connected PCs from anywhere in the world. In the future, ReQuest plans Ethernet-connected in-home music clients that will play back the server-stored music through existing tabletop or component-based home audio systems. Up to eight sources, including four HDD songs can be streamed simultaneously.

The company is also launching its first architectural speakers and a three-slot modular tuner, marketed initially with included AM/FM module and an XM module.

Up to eight sources can be distributed simultaneously.

The in-wall touchpanel is a suggested $500; the wired tabletop controller is $1,000, and the handheld wireless controller is $2,000. IMS prices, including bundled amplifier, are $6,499 for the 250-CD version, $6,999 for the 500-CD version, and $7,999 for the 800-CD version. The servers don’t connect to legacy sources such as CD changers.

A six-room system with 250-CD capacity server, tuner, and amplifier would retail for about $12,000 excluding speakers and labor.