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Report: Nintendo Restructuring R&D Units

Kyoto, Japan — Nintendo is planning an organizational restructuring that will combine the development segments of its home video game console and handled game devices, according to a Nikkei report Tuesday.

The report said the decision, which follows the releases of the Nintendo 3DS portable system in February 2011 and the Wii U home console last month, was made to amp up next-generation devices with greater device interoperability in the light of increased gaming activity on smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

The move will reportedly bring together 130 employees from Nintendo’s console development team with the 150 employees from its handheld division. The joint department is to kick off Feb. 16.

The company plans to construct a new development building next to its current headquarters in Kyoto by the end of the year.

The report said the company intends to divide the joint team into work-related units, including circuits, mechanisms and design.

Nintendo reportedly hopes to speed up the development process by sharing development processes for consoles and handheld devices where possible. Nintendo believes interaction between engineers holds potential for idea generation, and will lead to home and portability devices with greater levels of interoperability.