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ReplayTV Redux With PC-Tuner Card Agreement

ReplayTV, a pioneer of digital video recording, said it has reached a deal to bundle DVR software with select PC tuner cards manufactured and marketed by Hauppauge Computer Works.

The deal marks a new business strategy from ReplayTV, which has discontinued sales of its set-top box DVR hardware, in favor of working with PC and possibly CE vendors by supplying DVR software solutions and services.

Executives with ReplayTV said that despite the new direction, the company will continue to support their set-top box hardware with service, including program guide listings.

In the Hauppauge deal, ReplayTV is introducing a new DVR software solution designed for the personal computer. ReplayTV pointed to recent buying trends that show PCs as “the fastest growing video entertainment platform.”

ReplayTV plans to bundle its PC DVR software application with Hauppauge’s WinTV-PVR tuner/encoder PC cards beginning in 2006 for the North America market, the companies said. The initial application will work only with standard-definition video broadcasts, although plans are in the works to expand the capability to high definition in the future, ReplayTV executives told TWICE.

The new business strategy is part of a long term restructuring program started after ReplayTV was acquired by D&M Holdings.