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ReplayTV Recorders Add New Jump Feature

Santa Clara, Calif. – ReplayTV announced that a new feature is being added to its 5000 and 5500 Series digital video recorders (DVRs), which will enable fast navigation of segments within a recorded program.

Called Show|Nav, the feature will be added to a portfolio of user features that comprise the recorders’ JumpIt control section. This also lists such commands as QuickSkip, Instant Replay and Jump Anywhere commands.

ReplayTV said Show|Nav will let users jump to any segment of a recorded program quickly, instead of hunting for it using fast-forward as with competitive products.

Real world applications of the function include fast navigation through news-magazine TV shows, arriving at a segment with just a few button clicks. Or, quickly restarting missed scenes by jumping back to the beginning of any scene with a button click.

‘With the addition of Show|Nav to our JumpIt feature set, our DVRs put unprecedented control options in the hands of TV viewers and deliver a new level of intelligent control, enhancing the overall viewing experience in ways that were never before possible,’ said Jim Hollingsworth, ReplayTV president.

ReplayTV said the Show|Nav feature will be automatically downloaded to ReplayTV 5000 and 5500 Series DVRs via the ReplayTV Service this month.

Other major features in JumpIt feature set include:

  • QuickSkip, which lets viewers instantly advance 30 seconds ahead while watching any recorded program;
  •  Instant Replay, which lets viewers jump back to review the last seven seconds, to catch a snippet of missed dialogue.

Jump Anywhere lets viewers quickly jump forward or back in a program by inputting the number of minutes to re-track or advance.

Other features in the ReplayTV 5500 Series include progressive scan and digital audio outputs; One-Touch Record; First Run recording, which only records first-run programs and skips repeats.

ReplayTV DVRs come with the ReplayTV Service fully activated at the time of purchase. After the initial three-years of included ReplayTV Service, a user can extend it indefinitely for 99 cents per month. The ReplayTV 5500 Series includes four models, differentiated by hard drive capacity.

Recording times range from the 40-hour Model RTV5504 ($499.99 suggested retail) to the 320-hour Model RTV5532 Model ($1,199.99).