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Rembrandt 3D Demos Glasses-Free 3D TV Set

New York – Glasses-free 3DTV resource Rembrandt 3D this week premiered a 55-inch 4K LCD, Auto Stereoscopic (glasses-free) 3D (AS3D) television system showing a pilot presentation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s, “Fallingwater in 3D” at the American Institute of Architects (AIA), here.

The event, which was hosted by the Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, Columbia University and AIA NY Historic Buildings Committee, was moderated by Robert Silman of Robert Silman Associates, structural engineer to Fallingwater, the Guggenheim and other American architectural structures.

Rembrandt 3D has joined Emmy Award Winner Ken Love in creating the 3D stereoscopic film of the Frank Lloyd Wright masterwork, Fallingwater.

The “proof of concept pilot” was designed to test the impact of the Rembrandt 3D, Maestro depth quality in conveying the power of Frank Lloyd Wright’s artistry, the company said.

In a statement, Ken Love said “the translation of Fallingwater as a three dimensional work of Art in a stereoscopic 3D image on a glasses-free AS3D screen required a balancing of art and science to accurately capture the site’s beauty and realism.  I was amazed by the power of the 3D images conveyed by the Rembrandt 3D Maestro 4K AS3D TV. The results were simply astounding.”

Rembrandt 3D CEO Steve Blumenthal said “With the introduction of the R3D 4K AS3D TV, we have arrived at a critical performance milestone. We can now say that the R3D Perfect Picture, Maestro, with its unique image quality and user comfort control system, has been successfully market tested and is now, ready for Prime Time.”

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and nine other Wright buildings are in the process of being considered for the inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List of world renown and culturally significant landmarks.

These include the Taj Mahal and the Pyramids of Giza.  Lynda Waggoner, Fallingwater’s Western Pennsylvannia Conservancy director and VP, said Rembrandt 3D technology is a powerful way to share these sites with an international audience.

Blumenthal said, “Rembrandt 3D no-glasses 3DTV has arrived, and its ground breaking advancements provide a natural, artifact free 3D experience second to none, and finally its coming soon to a home near you.”

Rembrandt 3D, based in Ithaca N.Y., has developed a number of proprietary 3DTV imaging solutions for both glasses-based and glasses-free 3D content.  Rembrandt 3D Proprietary IP solutions produce high quality 3DTV images and are currently available in a variety of 3DTV screen sizes.