Reliance Adds Cellphone Accessories Distribution

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Hauppauge, N.Y. - Wireless products distributor Reliance Communications announced today it is now offering its retail customers a complete line of cellphone accessories.

The company said the accessories offerings will complement its wireless phone lineup and provide customers with simplified one-stop order-fill capability.

Some of the brands in the initial accessories lineup include Ajays flat-wire earphone, Otterbox and Wrapsol protective films and skins, Clingo and Bracketron mounting devices and holders,  Got2bWireless Bluetooth hands-free car kits, Muc-Off cleaning kits, and  Milante, Nite Ize and Escher protective and decorative cases.

The complete assortment of products offered can be viewed here. At


"We did a lot of research before deciding which categories and products to launch with," said John Haley, sales VP.  "We want to make sure that what we're stocking for our customers are the more popular products that are in demand and that are moving off their shelves. Initially, we're focusing on one or two of the most popular brands or devices in each of these 10 categories, but we plan to gradually expand our product offerings to make sure we have customer demand covered."

Haley added, "Since we're shipping cellphones to our customers each day, we can easily support them with the accessories they need -- when they need them.  It's just a matter of including a few more products in the boxes already going out the door. In this way, we help them run leaner with less inventory, while having the confidence they won't be caught short and lose a sale. It's a win-win for both of us."

Reliance has these product lines in stock and ready to be ordered, Haley said. 


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