Rejuvenated Commodore 64 Back On Sale

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New York - The classic Commodore 64 computer is back on sale.


But this isn't your father's

Commodore 64

, which came with all of 64k of memory, either a 1.023MHz or 0.98MHz processor, Vic II 320 by 200 16-color graphics, and the ability to connect to a floppy drive or a digital tape player.

No, Commodore USA, which bought the naming rights to the Commodore 64 and the Amiga brand last year, has re-introduced the computer and will start shipping it in the coming weeks from its

online store


Pre-orders are now being taken for $595.

Despite having the exact same exterior, the new C64 is fully modernized. It sports a Dual Core 525 Intel Atom processors, Nvidia Ion2 graphics, 2GB of DDR 3 memory (expandable to 4GB), DVD-R/W drive with an optional Blu-ray player, and a USB port, and it can play 1080p HD quality video with six-channel surround sound.

The new C64 comes preloaded with many of the 8-bit games that made the computer a hot product back when it was introduced in 1982.

It now runs on Linux, but it is capable of running Windows, the company said.

The company website said it also plans to bring out an updated version of the Amiga computer, along with laptops, tablets and desktops branded with these famous names.

The company has also launched the Vic Slim all-in-one PC. Like the C64, it is a keyboard computer and will be priced at $695.


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