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Reigncom Now iRiver; Names Pres./CEO

Irvine, Calif. — Reigncom, Ltd. has changed its name earlier this week to iRiver, Ltd., after its famous brand, and named Kuno Kim as the new president/CEO.

Kim, who joined iRiver as COO in 2007, was named president in 2008 and now adds CEO to that title.

Kim’s immediate focus will be to strengthen the competitiveness of iRiver’s existing fields of business and develop the company’s network device business as a next-generation growth engine. He will also be overseeing an aggressive new branding strategy and will focus on innovation, performance, style and design.

Kim said in a statement, “The name change reflects the worldwide recognition and star power of the iRiver brand and is part of our ongoing global effort to elevate the brand to mega status. Utilizing the iRiver name will ensure even more effective marketing and communication across the global marketplace, especially as we focus on developing our presence in overseas markets. We will leverage iRiver’s image, status and consumer confidence as we introduce exciting new product lines and enhance the company structure across all levels from product planning and design to R&D, and marketing and sales.”