Reese Haggott, Aftermarket Leader, Passes Away

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New York - Reese Haggott, a key leader in building the mobile electronics aftermarket, passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Haggott was employed at Alpine Electronics during the mid-1970s through the mid-1980s and rose to become sales and marketing VP, where he was known for building a nationwide network of Alpine specialty retailers who numbered about 600 at the time. "Reese understood the concept of building relationships with the specialist retailers, which eventually led to Alpine hosting its retailers at national sales meetings in exotic locations like Hawaii and Mexico," the company said.

 Haggott later went on to head up marketing at Eclipse, then became president of Coustic. He also consulted other mobile electronics companies.

 At Alpine, Haggott was hired by Seizo Ishiguro, who at the time was president of Alpine Electronics of America. Ishiguro is now Alpine Electronics chairman.

 "Alpine Electronics of America fondly remembers Reese Haggott, his friendship, and his valuable contributions to Alpine and the entire car audio industry," Alpine said in a statement.


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