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Recoton Bows Home Speakers

Recoton Home Audio, which includes the Acoustic Research, Jensen and Advent brands, is introducing a wide variety of home audio speakers during International CES this week in Las Vegas.

While specific model numbers were not set at press time, here is a brief rundown of the some of the speakers in each brand:

Acoustic Research: Floor standing powered tower speakers, featuring 4-inch Magalloy midranges in the flat polar array, a planar tweeter and a 500 watt Bob Carver Sunfire LF section, is set to ship in May at $2,500 per pair.

Indoor/outdoor satellite speakers, featuring metal mesh grilles, a one-inch tweeter, 5 1/4-inch woofer with rubber surround, and multi-directional ball-joint wall mounting system, is scheduled to be shipped in April with a suggested retail of $199.99 a pair.

And the company is introducing a powered subwoofer, with face-mounted blue LED, oversized rubber surrounds, 100 watt RMS amp, and ported front firing passive radiator with a down firing slot loaded 8-inch long throw woofer. Shipping in April, the suggested retail is $299.99 each.

Jensen: A 5.1 HTIB system features ABS construction on four satellite speakers and one dedicated center channel, magnetically shielded center channel, 3/4-inch tweeters, 3.5-inch woofers and a 50 watt 6.5-inch powered subwoofer. Suggested retail is $149.99 with the launch date set for March. A 25-watt 5.25-inch powered subwoofer version of the 5.1 HTIB system is priced at $129.99 and is set for October shipment.

A floor-standing three-way loudspeaker, with a 12-inch woofer, 4-inch midrange, 2 1/2-inch cone tweeter and bass reflex is set for March shipment with a suggested retail of $69.99.

Advent: A floor standing three-way power station, set for March shipment, features a bass reflex-dual bass port, protective corners, an 8-inch woofer, 4-inch horn midrange and 2-inch tweeter has a suggested retail of $89.99