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Recordable DVD Format Advocates Push Their Views

Las Vegas – Backers of different Recordable DVD formats took the International CES stage to toot their respective horns at separate press conferences, here.

The Recordable DVD Council (RDVDC) unveiled its new ‘Real DVD’ campaign aimed at corralling consumers into the forum-certified format camp – which also claimed that DVD-R is the ‘de facto industry standard.’ At the same time the DVD+RW Alliance highlighted an independent survey by IntelliKey Labs in September that demonstrated that the +RW is in fact the most widely compatible format of the various recordable devices.

Competing statistics were also stacked up against competing product introductions, as both camps shone the spotlight on new recorders. The Recordable DVD Council touted new Panasonic and Hitachi DVD camcorders (which write to DVD-R/RAM media), while the DVD+RW Alliance announced that Daewoo, Telstar and Mico Electric will bring DVD+R/+RW recorders to market in 2003.

‘Three issues will impact the consumer’s decision to buy DVD recording equipment: compatibility, simplicity and functionality,’ said Maureen Weber, worldwide chair, DVD+RW Alliance. ‘We believe +RW is the format of choice using this criteria.’

Weber noted that Plus-format DVD drives for computers quadrupled in worldwide market share during the first nine months of last year, from 10 percent to over 40 percent by the end of September 2002.

On the forum side, Bon-Guk Koo, chairman of RDVDC, said that council has been promoting DVD multi in an effort to improve interoperability and ease of use. The council’s ‘Real DVD’ campaign will use 2003 to stump for the forum’s formats.