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Recordable DVD Council To Support DVD Forum Standards With Worldwide Push

Berlin, Germany – The Recordable DVD Council, a 66-member coalition of leading DVD technology developers and users, announced that it will launch a worldwide program to promote recordable DVD products complying with recording standards approved by the DVD Forum.

In a prepared statement the Council’s chairman, Bon-Guk Koo, senior corporate advisor of Samsung Electronics, said, ‘The main work of the Recordable DVD Council will be to encourage widespread acceptance of the three DVD Forum-specified standards, DVD-RAM, DVD-R and DVD-RW.’

The chairman noted, ‘In the digital network era, products adopting recordable DVD formats, including both audio-video and PC-based devices, such as DVD recorders, DVD drives for PC use, recordable media and its applications, are expected to become very important business categories.’

He added, ‘The Council will make its chief targets industry outreach at major trade shows, information exchanges among Council members and discussions aimed at expanding the recordable DVD market. The worldwide program will feature the launch of a Council web site, the recruiting of new members from all over the world and the opening of representative offices outside Japan in the near future.’

The Council, originally known as the Recordable DVD Meeting, has the following executive members: AMC, Hitachi, Hitachi Maxell, Matsushita, Ritek, Samsung Electronics, Toshiba and Victor Company of Japan. In addition, the Council’s general membership includes 58 other companies.