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Razer Debuts Nabu Smart Band Watch/Fitness Device

LAS VEGAS – Razer will enter the wearables market this week with the introduction this week of the Nabu Smart Band smart watch/fitness tracking device.

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said the company has been eyeing the wearables market for some time, but was waiting to develop the proper product before taking the plunge.

The Nabu, which will be released late in the first quarter, is an attempt by Razer to take the best traits of the smart watch and fitness band to deliver a subtlelooking yet powerful device, Tan said.

“There are smart watches that only do notifications really well, but we feel they are bulky and have a poor interface due to the small screen. Then there is a lack of privacy issue and poor battery life. Fitness bands are good for fitness, but do little else,” Tan said.

The Nabu delivers all the information of the other two types of device in a single wearable unit.

“It is meant to not draw attention to itself,” Tan said.

Like a smart watch, it will notify the wearer of incoming calls, texts, emails and other data chosen by the user via two OLED screens. The information is delivered to two screens, one “public” the other “private.” The public screen is located on top of the wrist where others may be able to view it, while the private is underneath, requiring the wearer to turn his wrist so only he can see the data.

It also tracks all the basic fitness info, including sleep patterns, and can use the smartphone’s GPS to provide location services. In addition, the bands can talk to each other so users can exchange fitness data with their friends. The device connects via Bluetooth 4.0, and the company is projecting seven to 10 days of battery life per charge.

The Nabu has been created on open-source software allowing for third-party developers to create apps.

Pricing has not been set, but Razer will sell models for developers at International CES for $49, Tan said.