Raystream Unveils HD 3D Compression System

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Carrollton, Texas - High-definition video-compression codec developer Raystream recently launched a FullHD 3D-video-compression service that will allow streaming of 1080 pixel 3D HD video in the same space as 2D HD streams.


said its Cloud-based architecture enables instantly viewing of the compressed video on any 3D video-enabled device, including home theaters, set-top boxes, tablets, game consoles, laptops and mobile phones.

 "Raystream's new HD 3D solution enables users to compress live 3D video, or existing 3D video files, for online delivery with a much lower bandwidth requirement," said Raystream CEO Brian Petersen. "Not only does the compressed video retain its crystal clarity, but its smaller size also prevents buffering, stopping and jittering. That means a much better viewing experience, and a big reduction in bandwidth costs."

 Using Raystream's FullHD 3D compression tool, full-frame left and full-frame right HD 3D videos are condensed into a single, synchronized stream. That single stream can be played by HD 3D devices as full-left and full-right play out or side-by-side.

 "The demand for 3D video is continuing its rapid growth," Petersen added. "Last November, Futuresource Consulting released a study predicting that in 2011, 5 million 3D TV sets will be purchased in the U.S., and another 3 million elsewhere around the world --more than doubling sales in 2010. This doesn't take into consideration 3D video delivery on other devices, such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Raystream is ready to help drive the growth in HD 3D video demand by removing the barriers of bandwidth costs and buffering for both businesses and consumers."

Raystream said its proprietary video compression technology decreases bandwidth costs by reducing the file size of HD videos up to 90 percent, with an average of approximately 70 percent, and with no loss in clarity or quality. This is said to allow streaming online without buffering or stopping.


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