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RadioShack Offering MovieBeam

Video-on-demand service MovieBeam is now available via 1,700 RadioShack stores in 31 major markets across the country.

Under a special joint rebate promotion running through Nov. 5, customers who purchase any LCD TV and the MovieBeam set-top box from a participating RadioShack store will be eligible for a $50 mail-in rebate from MovieBeam.

The MovieBeam System is composed of a set-top box and small indoor antenna that receives recent and legacy Hollywood movies for playback on demand. The box will receive and store up to 100 movies at time, with 10 new titles rotating through the system every week. Included in the assortment is a selection of high-definition movies which can be played on an HDTV connected to the set-top box through an HDMI port.

The content is transmitted through the broadcast spectrum of participating Public Broadcasting System (PBS) stations around the country, and does not require a cable or satellite dish. The company is working on augmenting the system with movies delivered by Internet downloads in forthcoming versions of the technology.

Users play back content using a remote control and an intuitive user interface.

The MovieBeam System sells for $99.99, after which customers pay only for the movies they choose to rent ($3.99 for new releases and $1.99 for library titles, with a $1 premium for HD movies).

The MovieBeam service is currently available in 31 metropolitan areas across the U.S. reaching more than 41 million households, the company said.