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RadioShack To Investigate Edmonson Diploma Gaffe

Fort Worth, Texas — RadioShack’s board said it will hire outside legal counsel to investigate CEO Dave Edmondson’s misrepresentation of his academic credentials.

The action follows reports in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram this week indicating that Edmonson never received the two bachelors degrees claimed on his resume and corporate biography.

Edmondson acknowledged the discrepancies in a written statement. “The contents of my resume and the company’s Web site were clearly incorrect,” he said. “I clearly misstated my academic record, and the responsibility for these misstatements is mine alone.”

Edmondson clarified that he had received a three-year theology degree but could not document the diploma.

“I apologize to the board and the employees for the confusion I have created by carrying erroneous information on my resume and mishandling my explanation of it,” he said. “I will provide all information to the board to clarify these issues.”

Edmondson added, “I love my work at RadioShack and am eager to increase shareholder value moving forward.”

Following the investigation, attorneys will “advise the board on the facts and on RadioShack’s employment policies,” the company said.

The revelations surfaced two days before RadioShack’s annual investor conference, which is being held here today and tomorrow. The company is also scheduled to release its fourth-quarter earnings results tomorrow.