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Q&A With Ursula Burns Of Xerox

Las Vegas –

The Official Daily of CES, produced by the editors of TWICE,
and the Consumer Electronics Association asked several keynote speakers to
discuss their expectations for the show and the industry for 2012.

Today’s comments are from Ursula Burns, chairman/CEO of Xerox, who will be
part of the Innovation Power Panel to be held at the Las Vegas Hilton Theater
at 9:00 a.m. today.

What technology trends are you
most excited to see at the 2012 CES?

The convergence of consumer devices in the
workplace excites me, because the workplace has changed drastically. 
 It allows people to get work done from anywhere.  Now, I’m not sure
if that’s a good thing, but at Xerox, we’re all about helping our clients get
work done, whether it’s in an airport, a car or actually from their office
sitting at a desk.  Xerox focuses on this
at the enterprise level – helping companies simplify the way people work.

What I am anxious to see here at
CES are consumer
devices that are not only making life easier for people, but also transforming
the workplace too, that means more wireless options, more connectivity
and better ways to integrate all the technology into easy to use, “can’t live
without” devices and applications.  

For example, we’ve focused on apps
this year to help commuters find parking places in L.A. – yep, there truly is
an app for that!  

What can attendees expect to
hear from you during this morning’s Innovation Power Panel?

You know, I’m an engineer, so if I can get my head
away from all the cool things I see at CES, I’ll be talking about innovation
and its ability to transform people’s lives.  Our company has gone through
a transformation to a services-led, technology driven business. 

I’ll discuss the innovations we’re working on today
to help people move their business processes along, and share with the CES
audience what’s going on inside the Xerox labs. Most people are surprised to
learn that Xerox is working in areas like transportation and health care. 

Additionally, my passion is in science and
engineering.  I’ve made it a personal priority to be a vocal advocate for
innovation in the U.S.  We need to
encourage more investments in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)
education to nurture the next generation of inventors and innovators.

Some of the world’s sharpest minds
and inventors stop in at CES to show us their ideas on the next big thing. I
want these people to be the influence and the inspiration for that next
generation.  I want science to be as cool
to our youth as sports or music, and there’s no better place to start that
revolution than at CES. 

Where do you see the future of
consumer technology heading?

It is such an exciting time for consumer
technology. I see it making people’s lives simpler and more
efficient.  I see people managing work and home lives differently
through technology and I see a shift in the future of work because of
it. We’re in the middle of a huge paradigm change in business, and I
believe it will affect the way people live in very positive ways.

Consumers will
continue to seek technology that keeps up with the pace of life and minimizes
the burdens of digital technology.  That
means ‘always on” and always accessible connectivity.  Technology that seamlessly and simply bridges
work and home (where the lines between the two are increasingly more

I see more multi-functioning systems that are affordable, accessible,
easy to use and can be personalized so they make sense for my life – and for
yours – in unique yet relevant ways. 
Considering the innovation and ingenuity we see at CES, I trust we’ll
get there.