Q3 PC Shipments Show Modest Growth

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New York - Worldwide PC shipments rose just more than 3 percent for the third quarter, but were flat in the U.S., according to IDC and Gartner.

The worldwide increase and flat U.S. figure was slightly below each of the companies projections for the quarter, with IDC having expected a 4.5 percent increase and Gartner anticipating 5.1 percent growth.

Gartner blamed a weaker-than-anticipated back-to-school selling season along with a general shift to tablets and other, non-PCs by consumers for the lower shipment numbers.

IDC pointed to similar issues and expects PC shipments to have single-digit growth through the fourth quarter, with stronger gains in 2012. This growth will come from consumers being exposed to more ultra-mobile laptops that will better compete with tablets.

Hewlett-Packard remained the top shipper of PCs into the U.S. market, increasing shipments 15.1 percent for the quarter. This is despite a tremendous amount of upheaval at the company that included seeing its CEO Leo Apotheker fired by its board, the hiring of Meg Whitman as the new CEO and the company stating it is entertaining the idea of selling or spinning off the PC group.

Dell saw its shipments fall 7 percent for the quarter, but the company retained its No. 2 spot.

Apple also experienced very healthy growth as the No. 3 supplier on both lists.

Fourth-place Toshiba saw its shipment totals and share fall on 1.4 million units shipped.

IDC and Gartner differed on the fifth place PC vendor.

IDC gave the nod to Lenovo, reporting that it had shipped 1.52 million units, for an overall 6.8 percent share of the PC market.

Gartner placed Acer fifth on shipments of 1.37 million, for a 7.8 percent share.

Worldwide Lenovo was the big winner. The company moved into second place behind HP on shipments in excess of 12 million units. IDC and Gartner credited Lenovo with a market share in the 13.5 range.

Dell, Acer and Asus finished out both companies' top PC vendor lists.



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