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Pure Audio Launches New Tabletop-Audio Initiatives

San Francisco – Tabletop-audio supplier Pure Audio expanded its selection of iPod-docking AirPlay-equipped speakers and enhancing the capabilities of its Jongo wireless multiroom-audio system.

The company is also rolling out active POP displays to demonstrate the sound quality and capabilities of its Jongo wireless-audio system.

The new AirPlay speaker is the semi-circular $199-everyday Contour i1 Air, believed by the company to be the first Made For iPod/iPhone/iPad speaker with a modular dock that accepts a plug-in 8-pin connector or a separate 30-pin connector for Apple’s mobile devices. The dock rotates out from the speaker’s front panel and becomes flush with the front panel when rotated shut. The i1 Air also features built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet port, and 20-watt amplifier.

The new model, available at, joins the larger 200i Air, a $269-everyday semi-circular AirPlay speaker with a fixed 30-pin Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad dock.

The Contour i1 Air can be controlled from Pure’s Pure Connect app for Apple and Android devices. The speakers also plays music streamed from the Pure Connect app’s Pure Music streaming service. The service accesses 20,000 Internet radio stations and, for a $4.99/month fee, lets users stream millions of cloud-stored songs, which can be selected by title or album.

The $9.99/month version of Pure Music allows for offline playback of downloaded songs, which can be played as long as the subscription doesn’t expire.

To upgrade the capabilities of its Jongo wireless multiroom-audio system, Pure plans a Pure Connect app update due around the end of the month. With the updated app, Apple or Android mobile devices will be able to select music stored on a PC or NAS drive for playback on one or more Wi-Fi-equipped Jongo tabletop speakers. The current version of the app enables Apple and Android devices to stream device-stored music to one or more Jongo speakers.

 The Jongo lineup currently consists of two AC-only speakers at $149 and $349, a $199 portable speaker, and a $129 adapter for use with existing stereo systems. All come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

To demonstrate these and future Jongo products at retail, the company has rolled out an active tabletop display to retailers. Walmart will feature the displays in many of its 2,800 stores carrying Jongo products, and Best Buy will feature the displays in many of its 300 stores carrying Jongo, a spokesperson said. Jongo is also sold by Nebraska Furniture Mart, B&H, and the online stores of Target, Amazon, Office Max and New Egg.