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Pure Adds Wireless Multi-Room Audio

LAS VEGAS — Wireless is the word for Pure Audio, which is launching the first in a Jongo series of Bluetooth/Wi-Fi speakers and adapters designed to create a wireless multi-roomaudio system.

The Internet-radio and docking-speaker company is also launching its second-generation Internet radio app for iOS and Android devices.

That app, called Pure Connect, streams Internet radio stations and music services, and acts as a music source for Jongo speakers and as a Jongo-system controller. The app also sends music stored on networked PCs to Jongo devices. Commands and music are sent to Jongo devices over a home’s Wi-Fi network.

The app connects to the company’s website to stream thousands of radio stations, hundreds of thousands of Cloud-based on-demand programs and podcasts, and ambient sounds.

The app also accesses Pure’s on-demand subscription music service, called Pure Music, whose price hasn’t been determined. It will deliver unlimited music streaming from what the company calls one of the biggest cloudbased catalogs covering almost every artist and genre. Pure Music can be accessed by PCs and Macs via the Pure Connect website and by Apple or Android devices running the Pure Connect app.

Content accessed by the apps can be streamed via a home’s Wi-Fi network to Pure’s Jongo wireless multi-room-audio products, which start at $199.

The Pure Connect app also lets users direct music stored on their mobile device and on networked home PCs to the Jongo devices.

An increasing number of Pure’s tabletop Internet radio products — including the Sensia 200D Connect, Contour 200i Air and One Flow — can be integrated into a Jongo multiroom system, and some of the devices, such as the Sensia 200D Connect and One Flow, can even be used to control multi-room-audio distribution.

The Jongo multi-room audio family will consist of multiple wireless speakers and hi-fi adapters. The first product is the $229 Jongo S340B AC/DC wireless speaker, which is rechargeable and disperses sound from four sides in a 360-degree pattern. It is shipping. Other Jongo products are due in the coming months.