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Publisher’s Note

Dear Partners, “Spring is in the air” and with it, a new bloom on the TWICE Magazine you are holding in your hands. Just like in many homes across the country, we have been doing our own sprucing up and spring cleaning. During the winter we dedicated ourselves to creating a fresher product for you to enjoy.

And this is the first step in an evolutionary process we have embarked upon. This issue is just the beginning of a larger redesign you will notice in 2017. So allow me to share with you our thinking and what to expect from TWICE in the months ahead.

As mentioned, we took time this winter to analyze not only what we write about, but how we present that to you. Our directive was simple: deliver the content you have come to rely on to make informed business decisions in a way that mirrors the innovation of the industries we serve. Since we cover emerging markets and offer perspective on the products and people shaping consumer technology, then the look and feel of TWICE Magazine should reflect that mission. The positive feedback received from the re-design of the TWICE CES Daily (launched at CES 2014), in conjunction with our partners at CTA, greatly informed the design elements you see here. The reaction to the TWICE CES Daily has been incredible, and we aim to garner the same accolades with TWICE.

Over the next few issues you will see more changes that enhance the editorial coverage.

And when it comes to coverage of the industry, you can continue to rely on TWICE to lead the conversation about what the industry is talking about. This year we have an increased attention to Major Appliances, the Luxury Market and the Connected Home space. All areas offering growth and opportunities for our partners. You will see more Hot Products and Margin Maker news and insights. And your voice, along with others, will be heard from as we focus the lens of TWICE on you, the reader, with a greater emphasis on your “Point of View.”

The themes you will be reading about in the magazine will be expanded with dynamic coverage on, adding a richness and depth to the topics. The site is the place for breaking news and continued coverage of themes that are best served digitally: video, “lists” and exclusive content.

As always, I welcome your feedback. I can be reached at [email protected] or 917-281-4725. Wishing you continued success in 2017!

I hope you appreciate the direction we are going in. For 32 years we have strived to be the voice of the technology industry. I believe our efforts to engage our professional audience has never been more focused. And I sincerely hope you will offer up your voice when you feel it is needed.