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PS4 Goes On Sale Nov. 15

Tokyo – Sony Computer Entertainment officially revealed that its  PlayStation 4 (PS4) next-generation video game console will launch in North America Nov. 15.

Sony’s PS4 ($400 suggested retail) will deliver powerful new graphics and speed combined with integrated social capabilities, and second-screen features utilizing the handheld PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) and other mobile devices.

In related news, Walmart said it will offers shoppers “a second chance to get their hands on the Xbox One and PS4.”

On August 24, Walmart will begin accepting pre-orders for the two new consoles.

Customers will be asked to put 10 percent down ($50), and then make payments overtime or in full at pick-up on Nov. 15 for the PS4. The Xbox One availability date will be announced.

Along with the PS4 console, Sony will continue to offer enriched services including PSNSM and PlayStation Plus, a membership service offering members exclusive content and features, while enhancing the PS4 system through future system software updates.

As part of this initiative, PS4 will also support Twitch, a live internet streaming service devoted to video gaming, concurrently with the release of the system.

Twitch is a live streaming video platform oriented towards video gaming released in 2011. It lists more than 38 million visitors per month.

PS4 users will be able to easily broadcast their gameplay to their Twitch channel in real-time to gaming fans across the world, by hitting the share button on the system’s Dualshock 4 wireless controller.

A total of 15 Blu-ray Disc titles developed by SCE Worldwide Studios) and various software developers will be released between the launch of the PS4 and December 31st. Combined with digital download titles, 33 titles will be available before the end of the year, Sony said.

Sony also announced that the Dualshock 4 will be available in “Magma Red” and “Wave Blue.” The two-toned look is said to further enhance the stylish look of the controller. Users will be able to choose from three colors for the controllers at launch.

Sony also revealed that it cut the price $50 (from the Wi-Fi version) on its PS Vita handheld game player, which is now available now available for a $200 suggested retail price in North America. The manufacturer is also preparing to launch an assortment of new games for the platform this fall.

The 3G/Wi-Fi version of the PS Vita was also reduced $50 to a $300 suggested retail.

Pricing applies to all PS Vita systems available at retail, including the limited edition “PS Vita The Walking Dead” bundle launching this week.

Sony will also reduce the price of the PS Vita memory cards up to 33 percent, the company said.