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Projectiondesign Adds 1,080 Model

Ridgefield, N.J. — Projectiondesign, manufacturer of high-end professional and home cinema video projectors, said it has incorporated Brilliant Color technology into its Action! model three 1,080 ($24,495 suggested retail) DLP video projector, which is available now.

The technology adds cyan, magenta and yellow filters to normal red, green and blue filters to improve the projector’s ability to display cyan, magenta and yellow shades as they exist in nature.

Jørn Eriksen, projectiondesign CEO, stated that “Brilliant Color lets us design projectors with greatly enhanced color rendition, both in saturation and gamut, but with the same lamps and lenses as earlier models. In terms of saturation, color enhancement and image quality, it’s just plain brilliant.”

The company explains that all lamp-based projection systems split light into primary colors (red, green and blue) before processing the image, and combines the correct combination of the three colors to create the final projection on the wall.

Typically the process wastes energy in the traditional optical filtering stage. The Brilliant Color system is said to create energy efficiency by adding the cyan, magenta and yellow filters.

Gary Plavin, Projectiondesign North America president, said that “using the Texas Instruments Brilliant Color technology boosts the influence of secondary color and improves color saturation.”

Along with the Brilliant Color technology, the Action! model three 1,080 incorporates Projectiondesign’s proprietary DuArch illumination architecture featuring dual lamps, dual seven-segment color wheels and light formatters.

The system is said to deliver full-resolution, lifelike images with an enhanced level of cinematic realism and depth.

It is the one of the first single chip high-definition DLP front projectors using Texas Instruments’ 0.95-inch 1,080p DC3 Digital Micromirror Device (DMD), capable of showing native, uncompressed, 1,920 by 1,080p resolution.

The Action! model three 1,080 also provides adjustable brightness output, from 500 to 2500 ANSI lumens.

Projectiondesign also supplies a wide range of bayonet mount lenses, which when combined with the high horizontal and vertical lens shift capability, offers installers greater flexibility in projector placement.

In other news, Projectiondesign said it will supply its professional Cineo3+ 1,080p DLP HD projectors for the largest movie theater advertising company in the Nordic region: a total of 400 screens in 210 cinemas across Sweden.

The projectors also include Brilliant Color technology, the company said.