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Procella Readies LCR Speaker, Subwoofer For CEDIA

Venice, Calif. – Procella Audio
will go to the CEDIA Expo to launch its P610 biamplified full-range L/C/R
speaker and the P10Si room-balancing subwoofer.

The three-way freestanding P610
is priced at $3,199 each without a companion four-channel rack-mount DSP
amplifier, which biamplifies two P610 speakers. The P10Si sub costs $1,495
each. Both products are scheduled to ship in September.

One or more P10Si subwoofers can
be used in conjunction with one or more Procella P18, P15 or P10 subwoofers to
smooth out low-frequency modes in a room to reduce seat-to-seat variances in
low-frequency response, providing more consistent bass response throughout the
room, the company said.

Each P610, designed for large to
midsize rooms up to 30 feet deep, features a shallow depth of 5.9 inches for
placement in a wall niche. It’s 27.6 inches tall and 21.3 inches wide.

The P610 is said to produce THX
cinema reference-level playback levels of 105dB continuous in all but the
largest screening rooms and home theaters. It delivers response down to 40Hz.

 The driver complement consists of a 1-inch
compression driver on an elliptical waveguide, a 6.5-inch midrange with
1.5-inch voice coil, and 10-inch long-throw woofer with 2.5-inch voice coil. A
separate, rotatable bracket-mounted cabinet houses the midrange and 1-inch
compression driver.

Power handling is 350 watts
continuous and 1,000 watts peak for the low frequencies and 100-watts
continuous and 300-watts peak for the high frequencies.

The P610 is voice-matched to the
company’s P8 and P6 speakers, which can be used for surround channels.

It’s optimized for use with the planned
four-channel rack-mounted DSP amplifier.