Procella Brings Pro Speakers To Residential Custom Market

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Atlanta - Procella Audio of Venice, Calif., plans to expand distribution of three speakers that are THX-approved for use in professional mixing, monitoring and mastering studios as well as in screening rooms.


The speakers, which will be available to the custom channel, are the P815 behind-the-screen active LCR speaker, P18 powered sub with dual 18-inch active drivers, and the two-way P8, designed for surround use or as a behind-the-screen speaker.

The speakers, intended for large home theaters, will be demonstrated with other Procella speakers in a THX Apprived residential screening room designed and constructed by Mariette, Ga., dealer Epic Home Cinema. At the show, the room will be tested by THX to earn certification that it "closely mirror" the acoustic performance of a commercial theater or professional studio.

The P815 speaker, Procella's flagship at a suggested $9,999 each, incorporates a 15-inch subwoofer housed in its own enclosure and mated with a top-mounted Procella P8 speaker. The subwoofer module incorporates two 700-watt Class D amps, one to drive the subwoofer and one drive the P8's 8-inch woofer and high-frequency compression driver with waveguide. The biamplified speaker also features 28/56-bit DSP to set crossover frequencies and provide for boundary compensation.

The P8 is available separately at $2,599 each with a shallow mounting depth of 7.9 inches and a back side angled at 7.5 degrees, making it suitable for wall mounting.

The P18 active sub at $9,999 each delivers extends response down to the infrasonic range using dual 18-inch drivers with 4-inch voice coils and 700+700-watt class D amplifiers in a sealed, shallow cabinet that is 14.2-inches deep. It delivers 132dB of output at 1 meter. DSP is used to tune response and provides boundary compensation.


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