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Printer Revenue Down On Higher Sales

Current Analysis found Black Friday sales of all inkjet printer types rose 24.8 percent, but sales fell off dramatically for compact and standard photo printers and average selling prices plummeted for all printer types.

This category, which is normally heavily promoted on this day, saw a new, higher level of promotion that forced average selling prices down 53.5 percent for stand-alone printers to $31, and 25.7 percent for all-in-one models to $93, the report stated. This resulted in a revenue decline of 12.4 percent for stand-alone printers and 4.1 percent for all-in-one models, despite very hefty unit sales increases.

Stand-alone printers saw sales rise 88.6 percent, compared with Black Friday 2005 when the category posted a 2.7 percent drop, while all-in-one printers enjoyed a 29 percent jump, down slightly from last year’s 40.2 percent increase, said Lisa Jordon, Current Analysis research analyst.

The dedicated photo printers and compact photo printers did not fare as well, despite lower average selling prices, with each category posting respective double-digit losses on Black Friday of 35.1 percent and 10.7 percent. Jordon said this is the first time the compact category has registered a loss on Black Friday. Last year unit sales grew 137.1 percent.

Black Friday Printer Sales