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The Price And Profit Of Home Automation

NEW YORK — For retailers, home-monitoring and control products deliver margins of 20 to 25 points, marketers told TWICE.

Retail prices range from $100 to $300 for homeautomation hubs that incorporate one or more wireless technologies, such as Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, various incompatible permutations of ZigBee, and proprietary wireless technologies such as Lutron’s Clear Connect and SmartLabs’s Insteon.

Prices on wireless-connected light switches/dimmers range from $20 to less than $150; door locks range from $200 to $300 excluding purpose-built hub that might be offered by the supplier. Different types of sensors, such as moisture, motion and contact sensors, range from $20 to $50, and wireless-connected thermostats range from $50 to $249. Sensors, door locks and thermostats run on batteries.

Other types of connected products include smart plugs, light switches/dimmers, connected LED light bulbs, IP-based security cameras, smoke and carbonmonoxide detectors, retrofit garage-door controllers, irrigation-system interfaces, main water-shutoff valves, and health and wellness products such as scales.