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Premier Video Teaches Flat-Panel TV Mounting

Anaheim, Calif. — Premier Mounts has created and made available online an instructional video aimed at do-it-yourselfers who want to learn how to mount their flat-panel TV.

The non-commercial video, entitled “Good To Go,” is available for download at Premier’s Web site or can be viewed at several video-sharing Web sites including YouTube, Veoh, Yahoo! Videos and Howcast.

The video features Premier Mounts product marketing manager Jason Cole, who walks consumers through each step of the mounting process — from choosing the right mount, to finding the correct placement, and the drilling and mounting of the TV.

“One of the most common problems that consumers encounter is that they do a lot of research on the flat-panel TV itself but seldom think about the mounting solution they are going to use when they get that new TV home,” said Cole. “A mount can bring a lot to an installation — not only can it protect your investment and provide viewing flexibility, it can also open up a room or accent your décor. The ‘Good to Go’ video is really designed to offer the basics, it also demystifies what can seem like a daunting project.”

According to Cole, the element consumers are most concerned with is proper placement of the flat-screen TV on the wall. In the video, Cole suggests placing a piece of wrapping paper, approximately the size of the display, on the wall and “live with it” for a couple of days. Using this technique, consumers can determine if the display is set at the appropriate level or if glare from windows needs to be considered. Once the position is determined, then consumers should research their mounting options.