PPC Unveils Perfect Path Products

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LAS VEGAS - PPC, a manufacturer of connective technology, will be introducing a variety of new Perfect Path products at International CES.

The Perfect Path PerfectLock locking HDMI cable is a patented locking device that grips a port with 10 times the strength of conventional connectors for more than 25 pounds of retention, the company said. The cable reportedly delivers 1080p HDTV video and Dolby Digital DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD audio, and also provides "unsurpassed reliability with the distinctive strength and flexibility afforded by Perfect Path's Perfect Flex jacket," the company said.

The Perfect Path Perfect Flex line of broadband coaxial cables offers electrical performance of up to 3GHz. Features include micro-crack resistance with superior flexibility and advanced corrosion inhibitors. In addition, Perfect Path utilizes the latest eco-friendly manufacturing processes for its cables, providing consumers with a greener home theater, according to the company.

The Perfect Path F-Type coaxial cable interconnects are said to have an easy-to-see indicator that shows users exactly when the optimal connection has been achieved. An oversized locking nut supports easy, tool-free installation, PPC said.

The Perfect Path component-video cables feature split-tip center contacts for high-quality signal transfer, a copper center for superior conductivity, and an expandable ground shield that accommodates a range of port sizes.

The Perfect Path digital audio coax S/PDIF provides optimal audio signal transfer of greater than 25Mbps DVD audio without data loss, said PPC. They reportedly have split-tip center contacts for excellent signal transfer and new, improved flexibility.

 Finally, The Perfect Path digital audio fiber-optic TOSLINK are designed for use with component video cables, providing optimal signal transfer and enhanced flexibility with the use of all-plastic fiber cores. They support in excess of 25Mbps of DVD audio without loss of data, according to the company.  


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