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PowerSkin Adds Apple-Approved Extended Phone Battery

Costa Mesa, Calif. — PowerSkin today introduced the PoP’n, an attachable external smartphone battery that sticks onto an existing case and connects via an interchangeable tip to charge any phone with a MicroUSB or Apple Lightning connector.

It is Apple MFi approved for the iPhone 5.

The 2,000 mAh pop-on XPal battery charger has a slim 10mm profile with small, flexible suction cups that adhere externally to the device. It features a high-gloss plastic exterior and a gray rubber connector tip that can flex up to 90 degrees to accommodate larger cases.

Like all PowerSkin cases, the PoP’n includes an LED light strip on the back indicating the amount of battery charge remaining in the case.

PowerSkin said the PoP’n extends power up to 70 percent yet weighs only 3 ounces.

The PoP’n is available in black and white versions now at for $69.99 (MicroUSB) or $79.99 (Lightning), with red and pink versions available in the weeks to come. Versions for Apple 30-pin and MicroUSB for HTC connectors are coming soon, the company said.