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Power, Charging Solutions Come In Many Form Factors, Styles

LAS VEGAS — Power to the people! That is the highest priority of many exhibiting companies, looking to provide an endless ecosystem of charging devices and technologies for a world of portable devices.

WiTricity’s “room of the future,” a tricked-out suite at the Venetian, will demonstrate consumer applications of the company’s wireless induction charging technology.

The technology allows the charging of a wide variety of devices and small appliances without having to make contact with a charging surface like other wireless charging products.

The suite, for example, will feature a completely wireless bar-top that lets users charge their cellphones mid-conversation, without being tethered to a wall charge; a charging basket and wirelessly powered countertops and desktops that charge multiple devices simultaneously; as well as lamps that can be placed anywhere in a room and charged wirelessly through the carpet.

WiTricity will discuss specific product details as well as reveal development partnerships, among them with Toyota, Audi and MediaTek, at the show.

BuQu Tech’s new Magnetyze magnetic charging platform can charge both iOS and Android devices wirelessly on the same surface.

The company’s first products are rolling out for the Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5. BuQu Tech will release roughly a dozen products, pretty evenly split between the two dominant smartphone platforms, which will include cases, charging stands, wall chargers, extended battery packs, car adapters and more, the company said.

Here’s a roundup of other power products being unveiled at the show:

Accessory Power will introduce the USA Gear PowerCup Mount, an in-vehicle hands-free solution that incorporates a mount that fits into the car’s cup holder and plugs into the DC outlet. From there, the PowerCup draws power to charge up to four devices simultaneously by use of either the two additional DC ports or the two 2.1-amp USB ports.

The raised arm connects to the cradle base with an adjustable pivot, allowing the user to view in portrait, landscape or anything in between, the company said.

Bestek is showcasing its Wall Charging Station, an allin- one electronics power and charging solution for iOS devices with a built-in night-light, at booths 72222 and 72224.

The space-efficient unit plugs into an AC outlet, and features six integrated AC 110-volt outlets for a combined 1,875 watts of power. The product features an iPhone/iPod charging dock on top, with an adjustable plastic cover that stabilizes the iPhone or iPod when docked. It also has four USB ports, two of 2.1-amp ports for iPad charging and two 1-amp ports.

It will have a suggested retail of $20 to $25.

Dane-Elec is debuting its new Mobile Junkie line in booths LVH 7-121 and 8-121. The line’s first product, the Wireless SmartReader, is a backup battery for a handheld device that also doubles as a wireless drive, enabling wireless streaming of media files to any iOS or Android device without an Internet connection.

The SmartReader acts as a hub and accepts USB devices or SD cards, freeing up memory space on the user’s device.

It is expected to ship in May. Pricing has not been set.

Dok Solution is in booth 8639 showing its line of multi- USB-port portable device battery chargers with incorporated full-featured alarm clock.

Model CR57 charges up to seven devices, of which five can be tablets. It includes a Bluetooth speaker sound system to hear media from any one device while charging. Up to five phones or tablets can be stored upright in the cradles, and the base includes a speakerphone for hands-free communication with a cellphone.

Model CR34 can charge up to six devices, of which two can be tablets. Listen to any device’s media through the built-in sound system. Up to three devices can be stored upright.

Model CR38 charges up to five devices, of which one can be a tablet. It includes a Bluetooth speaker sound system to hear media from any one device while charging. Up to three devices, including a tablet, can be stored upright and the unit includes a Bluetooth keyboard for working with a Bluetooth device while it is charging.

Pricing and shipping info will be available at the show.

JMA North America is presenting its line of Honeywell Electronics Accessories — the Ovale-series docking speakers and smart-charging stations — at LVH booth 62001.

The Ovale smart-charging station is a single-point solution for smart mobile devices. It features a smart-charge system that senses when devices are fully charged and then automatically shuts off power to save energy and protect them from overcharging.

The station features 4.2-amp USB ports to charge up to four smart mobile devices or two tablets simultaneously.

Kudos Power is introducing an inductive wireless charging solution for the iPhone 5 with an integrated 1,500 mAh lithium-polymer battery, in Venetian booth 75505.

The Kudos wireless charging solution comes with a rubberized hard-shell power case for maximum shock protection, a wireless charging pad for the home or office, an AC adapter for the charging pad and a MicroUSB sync and charge cable. An optional DC car charger will be available for use of the wireless charging kit in cars.

The device uses an industrial-grade micro controller, the company said, and the power efficiency is more than 90 percent on the battery power conversion and 70 percent on wireless charging. Pricing and shipping info were not available at press time.

Nexiom is releasing the Power Slate, a thin portable backup battery in booth 70136.

The Power Slate is the size and thickness of a legal pad, with holes for insertion in a binder, organizer or folio. It will power or charge a laptop and phone simultaneously.

Pricing and shipment dates were not available at press time.

Power Bright Technologies has licensed the Energizer brand and is showing its branded power inverters in booth 36275.

The Energizer-branded product line will include a full assortment of power inverters ranging in sizes from 120 watts to 4,000 watts.

Nine products are available initially, and Power Bright said it anticipates adding additional products to the line in spring.

Included in the line are the “World’s Smallest Cup Inverter” with 120-watt and 180-watt models that will allow users to power mobile devices in a car, boat or RV. The new Cup Inverters are ultra-compact and plug into a vehicle’s 12-volt socket or attach to a car battery and fit securely in a vehicle’s cup holders. Each Cup Inverter has four USB ports with a shared 2.1-amp capacity to facilitate charging up to four devices at once, the company said.

Powerocks is showing new additions to its power bank line of rechargeable chargers for portable devices including the Powerocks Magic Cube and Stone3 portable backup battery.

The Powerocks Magic Cube is a small, 3-inch colorful aluminum cube available in 6,000 mAh, 9,000 mAh and 12,000 mAh capacities. It includes two built-in cables and is available in blue, black, rose, red, purple and silver, with four blue LED power indicators to display remaining power. The 12,000 mAh Magic Cube can charge the iPhone around six times on a single charge. Besides smartphones and tablets, Powerocks can also charge some e-readers, GPS devices, MP3 players, LED lights and digital cameras that use a 5-volt charger, the company said.

The Powerocks Stone3 is a white cube designed with Apple’s design aesthetic. MFI-approved for use on all Apple devices, it provides 8,400 mAh for an extra 10 hours of power for the iPad, or it can charge two iPads at once for an extra five hours of power per iPad. The Stone3 can also charge the iPhone four times on one charge and is rechargeable at least 500 times, the company said. It has nine LED lights that indicate the battery’s charging status.

Retails range from $74.99 for the Magic Cube 6,000 mAh to $110 for the 12,000 mAh model. The Stone3, at 8,400 mAh, is $99.99.

Powerocks is in booth 5438.

Sanho, manufacturer of Hyper Apple accessories, is introducing a new and improved Hyper- Juice external battery, the HyperJuice2, in booth 4812. The company said HyperJuice2 has the ability to power a MacBook and two iPads (or any two USB devices) at the same time.

An OLED display indicates power remaining, battery temperature, time to full charge and discharge. With two 10-watt (5-volt, 2.1-amp max) USB ports, HyperJuice2’s 85-watt output is capable of handling the new MacBook Pro with Retina display, the company said.

HyperJuice2 retails for $299.

Timbuk2 has partnered with Joey Energy to offer a series of bags with a built-in power supply to charge electronics while on the move.

The Power Commute and Power Q can be seen in suite 2360.

The Power Commute is a TSA-compliant messenger bag with a Joey T1 power supply. It holds the charge unit in a dedicated pocket on the inside with weatherproof ports to thread the charger cable to either the tablet or smartphone pocket. It also has Napoleon side-entry pockets with faux-fur-lined handheld-sized pockets.

The Power Q has a swing-around tricot-lined side-access compartment that fits most 15-inch laptops and 17-inch MacBooks; a ventilated back panel; multiple grab handles and compartments; and refined weave 840 ballistic nylon.

Both are available in black/Gunmetal/Algae Green, priced at $199.