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Power & Charging Devices: Voxx International USB Wall Plate Charger (WP2UAR, WP2UWR)

With tablet ownership expected to reach half of all U.S. households in the next 12 to 18 months, according to the Consumer Electronics Association, consumers are going to need more outlets and more charging opportunities. To combat this issue, Voxx International’s RCA four-port USB wall plate charger (WP4UWR and WP4UAR) is designed as an easy plug-and-use family charging solution.

The wall plate charger provides charging for four smartphones or two tablets simultaneously, with a patent-pending switch on one outlet that adapts to different device charging circuitries.

Noted David Geise, president of Voxx Accessories: “Mobile device charging is a hot topic in many households. More and more consumers are having difficulty finding enough outlets in their homes to charge everything they have. RCA USB chargers offer the easiest solution possible — anyone can install it, in virtually any outlet in the home, in seconds. And consumers instantly understand what it offers when they see it — no more bulky wall warts.”

The charger, which comes in white (WP4UWR) and almond (WP4UAR), has four full-speed outlets for simultaneous rapid charging of four 1-Amp devices, such as smartphones and e-readers. Two of the ports provide 2.1-amp charging for simultaneous full-speed charging of two tablets.

The bottom 2.1-amp outlet can accommodate virtually any USB-charged device on the market today, according to Voxx, and it features a switch that adjusts to the different charging circuitries in today’s devices. The wall plates are available now for a $29.99 suggested retail.