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Post-Holiday, Super Bowl TV, CE Sales Held Strong

TWICE:How were general post-holiday CE sales and Super Bowl TV sales in particular?

Jerry Satoren, DSI Systems: TV sales from a wholesale perspective were, in a word, interesting to start 2013. Sales in January were surprisingly strong, especially after coming off a holiday season that ended with TV sales down 7 percent at retail, according to NPD. Sell-in of 60-inch-plus panels in particular were extremely solid in anticipation of Super Bowl sales. However, the retail pace in January was good but not strong enough to overcome the disappointing December resulting in too much inventory in the pipe. This made February a very challenging month for all on the manufacturing/distribution side.

Tim Coakley, Ingram Micro Consumer Electronics: Post-holiday sales on 60-inch HDTVs, as well as 50- and 55-inch-sized large screens, significantly grew year over year during the Super Bowl season. Expectations were high, and it was extremely positive to see the growth in the TV category to propel IMCE into an even better Q2.

Dennis Holzer, PowerHouse Alliance: Postholiday CE and Super Bowl [TV] sales continue to be strong, with several of the newer categories leading the surge. As has been the theme, profitability continues to suffer in many of common categories as everyone fights for the additional sales.

Warren Chaiken, Almo: Post-holiday sales were a bit soft but picked up as manufacturers launched aggressive Super Bowl promotions mid-January.

Wally Whinna, Allnet Distributing, (Catalyst AV member): Post-holiday projector sales were strong especially close to Super Bowl.

Jeff Davis, D&H Distributing: [We] had a very strong January, with sales up more than 12 percent over last year. Our dollar sales from televisions were up 26 percent, led by the 42-inch screen size.

Rick Sanchez, SED International: Black Friday and holiday TV sales surpassed last year’s television sales. Because of the strong holidays sales there weren’t as many exciting Super Bowl opportunity for the end user. This is true across the entire retail market. The Super Bowl is always a catalyst for largescreen TV sales, unfortunately. The strong holiday sales prevented us from maximizing our sales for the Super Bowl.

Bill Stewart, Petra Industries: Post-holiday CE sales for us were strong as our customers developed their sales strategies and promotions well in advance. This resulted in steady momentum as Q1 unfolded, especially for our accessory categories, such as headphones; iPhone, iPad, iPod and tablet accessories; Bluetooth speakers and headsets; and home and health. We focus on providing the latest ever-growing assortment of accessories so our dealers can maximize their add-on sales potential and profit.