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Polk Shrinks In-Ceiling Speaker Footprint

The first in-ceiling speakers in Polk’s Vanishing series feature an oval woofer mounted to a steeply angled tube inside the ceiling, shrinking the speaker’s footprint without sacrificing bass output and extension, the company said.

The smaller footprints cosmetically blend in better with the growing selection of small-footprint in-ceiling lights, the company added.

Six three-way in-ceiling models ship in the second quarter, priced at $229 to $549 each. They join in-wall Vanishing series models priced from $400 to $1,500 per pair.

The in-ceiling and in-wall models both feature slim 3mm bezels, grilles that protrude from the wall by only 7mm, and micro-perf grilles with 0.6mm hole size to look sheer from only a few feet away.

The in-ceiling models add reduced footprints by mounting an oval woofer to a steeply angled oval tube inside the ceiling. The woofer fires into the tube through ports that reside on a 15-degree angled baffle, onto which the tweeter and midrange are also mounted.

A Vanishing series in-ceiling speaker with 9-inch oval woofer delivers the surface area of an 8-inch round woofer but fits in the cutout required by more traditional 6.5-inch speakers, noted product manager Al noted Baron.

Mounting the tweeter and midrange at a 15-degree angle in the baffle lets installers focus their output toward the prime listening positions in home-theater and multiroom-audio applications, the company added. All six models feature 0.75-inch dome tweeter and 2.5- or 3.5-inch midranges. Woofers are 5-, 7- and 9-inch ovals.