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Polk Multiroom Speakers Voiced For Listening Habits

Baltimore — Polk plans May shipment of a new series of high-efficiency custom-installed speakers voiced to deliver full-range sound at modest listening levels.

“Most people listen to multi-room systems at low levels, and at those levels, other speakers lose high-frequency and bass response,” product manager Al Baron told TWICE. In the four-SKU MC custom-speaker series, however, Polk designed the drivers and passive crossovers to contour response to compensate. He defined low listening levels as levels that enable consumers to speak comfortably without having to raise their voice.

The popularly priced speakers were also designed to be very efficient so they can be used with modestly powered multi-room-audio systems. The speakers’ efficiency is rated at around 92dB 1 watt/1 meter. Power handling is rated at a maximum of 100 watts to deliver volume with enough headroom for parties, Baron noted.

The speakers are also weather-resistant for use in saunas, bathrooms and pool areas.

The series consists of two in-wall and two in-ceiling speakers, all two-way models. Polk issued the following newly revised prices: The in-ceiling MC60 and MC80 retail for a suggested $124.95 and $169.95 each, respectively. The in-wall models are the $199.95 MC65 and $224.95 MC85.